Nation Ford Land Trust has had a major role in several substantial projects that are not widely known:

  • In December 1998, NFLT purchased the 296 acre Carroll Property in Rock Hill and sold it the the Catawba Indian Nation
  • In 1998, NFLT purchased 300 acres and then donated it to the South Carolina Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department for Kings Mountain State Park
  • In 1996, NFLT purchased 1283 acres and sold a portion to the county for Historic Brattonsville and the remainder to the state for the Draper Wildlife Management Area.
  • In 1998, NFLT, along with a few concerned citizens, helped created the York County Forever Commission. To Date, the Forever Commission has conserved over 9,800 acres in York County
  • In 2012, NFLT was awarded a USFWS grant to build a pollinator garden at Banks Trail Middle School in Fort Mill
  • In 2014, Carolina Thread Trail awarded NFLT with a $150,000 grant to build a trail along the Catawba River, connecting from the north to the Riverwalk/Piedmont Medical Center Trail
  • In 2015, South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism granted NFLT $100,000 to build the same trail along the Catawba River
  • Nation Ford Land Trust protects 3 federally endangered Schweinitz’s Sunflower plots in York County
  • In 2017, NFLT began an ongoing clean up of Sugar Creek in Fort Mill, the creek is riddled with trash and hundreds of tires
  • In the spring of 2018, NFLT opened up the Founders Trail. This 4-year project is the newest 2.3-mile segment of the Carolina Thread Trail that connects from Masons Bend to the Piedmont Medical Center Trail in Riverwalk along the Catawba River
  •  In December 2018, NFLT obtained property and established The Murray White Preserve, a 154-acre site which borders Fishing Creek off of Vernsdale Rd. just south of Rock Hill