We have several prints and books available for sale.

All proceeds from these sales will be dedicated to the conservation activities of the land trusts in the Catawba River Valley of South Carolina.

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The Battle of Huck's Defeat - picture

"The Battle of Huck's Defeat"

is an art print by Dan Nance. The painting depicts the Battle of Huck's Defeat, which occurred at Williamson's Plantation near Brattonsville in York County on July 12, 1780. It followed several Patriot defeats in May 1780, including the capture of a significant portion of the American army at Charleston and Buford's Massacre in Lancaster County. The Battle of Huck's Defeat was the first in a series of Patriot victories in the backcountry of South Carolina, leading up to the Battle of King's Mountain on October 7, 1780. It proved to the militia that they could fight the British and win.

24" x 36" art print - signed and numbered
$100.00 - please add $5.00 for shipping

Rocky Shoals Spider Lily - Full flower Moon - picture
"Rocky Shoals Spider Lily - Full flower Moon"

is a photographic art print originated by Ted Borg, South Carolina nature photographer.

Photo taken at Landsford Shoals of the Catawba River, South Carolina, during full moon in May 1999. The Rocky Shoals Spider Lily (Hymenocallis coronaria) is a rare plant which inhabits shoals in Piedmont rivers in the Southeast. The population at Landsford is believed to be the largest in in the world.

22" by 28" art print - signed and numbered
$100.00 - please add $5.00 for shipping

Catawba River Bald Eagle - picture
"Catawba River Bald Eagle - The America Series: III"

is a painting by Jack Bolin, a native of Rock Hill, SC, who works in acrylics and water colors primarily, but also occasionally works in oil and egg tempura. His subject matter includes wildlife, Americana, and portraits.

The Bald Eagle has been on the endangered species list for several years. Thanks to the efforts of conservation-minded organizations and individuals, it is slated to be removed from the endangered species list in the near future. We are proud to have had a small part in the effort, and hope you will join us in protecting the bald eagle and its habitat.

art print - signed
$100.00 - please add $5.00 for shipping

The Catawba River Companion - book cover

"The Catawba River Companion" with photography by Bill Price

is a comprehensive guide - descriptions of state parks, boat ramps, bed and breakfasts, fishing docks, marinas, and camping sites. Extensive section of maps on about 225 miles of the Catawba from Lake James to Lake Wateree.

Whether you are on the trail or in the water, this unique and colorful guide will become an indispensable companion for every visitor to the Catawba River region. Illustrated with nearly two-dozen color maps and 50 dramatic action photographs, it will take you to dozens of exciting family getaways and nature stops. Along the way, you can learn something about the region's history or explore its flora and fauna. With this guide in tow, plan to enjoy many years of exploration on and around the lakes and free-flowing waters of the Catawba River.

$12.00 (includes shipping)

A Region Awakens - book cover
"A REGION Awakens"

is sponsored by the Foundation For the Carolinas - The Trust for Public Land, with text by M. S. Van Hecke. M.S. Van Hecke began gathering information on the decade-long rise in environmental interest around Charlotte in 1999, at the invitation of former Foundation For the Carolinas President Bill Spencer.

Although bits and pieces of this information have been made public over the last ten years, most people still are unaware of how dramatically interest in the environment has intensified.

This book is intended not only to focus community attention on the region's rising environmental consciousness, but also to serve as a vehicle for cross-fertilization of ideas among governments and individuals in our region.

$6.00 (includes shipping)

Nation Ford Road

written by Louse Pettus, a Military Heritage Preservation Project, sponsored by Palmetto Conservation Foundation.

The seventeen-year course (1976-1993) of what is generally referred to as the Catawba Land Suit is well-documented by immense stacks of paper and film, but its full recounting must await another historian.

This account is restricted to the rich history attached to the Nation Ford Road from the time it was a buffalo path until the end of the Civil War.

$12.00 (includes shipping)

Leasing Away a Nation - book cover
"Leasing Away a Nation"

written by Louse Pettus is sponsored by Founders Federal Credit Union.

Many historians have written the story of the Catawba Indian Nation, but none has examined the controversial land leasing system in the detail of Leasing Away a Nation. This book includes previously unpublished research on the leaseholder system and interactions between tribal members, leaseholders and the colonial, federal and state governments over more than two hundred years.

Unlike most histories, this work brings you up to date, with chapters on the tribe's land claim lawsuit in 1980 and subsequent $50 million settlement in 1993. Leasing Away a Nation ties these events together, proving greater perspective on one of South Carolina's longest-running conflicts.

$15.00 (includes shipping)

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